Know why metro will start from 2:30 pm on Holi day


Holi festival will be celebrated across the country on 25 March. The timing of metro in Delhi has been changed on this day. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has said in the post that on March 25, the day of Holi, the metro service will start from 2:30 pm. According to Metro, Metro will not run in the morning on the day of Holi festival. Metro will remain closed on all lines of Delhi Metro in the morning on this day.

DMRC has said that in the morning, the Rapid Metro Line to the Airport Express Service Line will remain closed till 2.30 in the afternoon. Metro service will start from all terminal stations after 2.30 pm. After this, metro service will run like normal.

Keeping in mind the safety and convenience of passengers, DMRC has decided to start its services late. On the day of Holi, Holi celebrations start at many places from early morning, in which a large number of people gather. Due to this, DMRC has decided to start the metro late so that the normal timing of the metro does not interfere with the Holi celebrations.

After 2:30 pm, metro services will resume on all lines and will follow regular timings, ensuring that city commuters can return to their daily routine.


  1. Why is the metro starting late on the day of Holi?

    DMRC has delayed the commencement of metro services on Holi morning to accommodate the festival celebrations and prioritize passenger safety.

  2. Will metro services resume normal timings after 2:30 pm?

    Yes, after 2:30 pm, metro services will resume on all lines and follow regular timings to facilitate commuters’ return to their daily routine.

  3. How can commuters plan their journeys during the morning hours of Holi?

    Commuters are advised to explore alternative transportation options such as buses, ridesharing services, or private vehicles during the morning hours of Holi.

  4. Has DMRC implemented similar schedule changes for other festivals in the past?

    Yes, DMRC has previously adjusted metro schedules during special occasions and events to accommodate public gatherings and celebrations.

  5. What measures has DMRC taken to communicate the schedule change to the public?

    DMRC has issued official announcements and utilized various communication channels to inform the public about the altered metro schedule on the day of Holi.


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