Know why it becomes necessary to take a booster dose, which research said this

The immunity from the anti-Covid-19 vaccine administered to protect against the epidemic corona does not provide long-term, so it becomes necessary to take a booster dose. This has been said in a new research. This research is the first to confirm a person’s risk of re-infection even if the body produces antibodies naturally after a natural infection or a complete vaccination.

Researchers said that despite vaccination, the risk of a person becoming infected with Kovid-19 depends on which vaccine he has received.
They found that vaccines based on m-RNA (Pfizer and Moderna) provide the longest-term protection against coronavirus infection.

The immunity produced from them lasts three times longer than immunity from natural infections or vaccines developed by Johnson & Johnson and Oxford-AstraZeneca. Vaccines based on m-RNA produce the most antibodies, says lead researcher and professor at Yale School of Public Health, Jeffrey Townsend. Our analysis has shown that they provide stronger and longer-lasting immunity than natural infections or other vaccines. He said, however, it is important to remember that natural immunity and vaccination are not mutually preventive.

Many people will have partial immunity from different sources. Therefore, understanding its duration is important to decide when to apply a precautionary dose. Alex Donberg, co-author of the research and assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, said that in order to develop long-term and reliable immunity against re-infection, it is necessary to periodically apply precautionary doses of vaccines that have been infected with the virus. deal with changes.

According to Donberg, we tend to forget that we are fighting a virus, which will continue to alter its structure to blunt the onslaught of natural infection or vaccine-generated antibodies. We have seen in the case of the Omicron form of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, how vaccines designed to protect against the older forms have not proved to be more effective in dealing with Omicron infections. PLC/GT


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