The Indian Army is teaching Chinese language to soldiers as part of a policy to increase vigil along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Sources in the security establishment said that several steps have been taken to enhance expertise in Mandarin language in the army so that junior and senior commanders can communicate with Chinese military personnel when needed.

He said that various courses on Mandarin language are being run in the language schools of Northern, Eastern and Central Command of the Army. Indian Army is also using artificial intelligence based solutions for translation of various articles or literature from Mandarin language.

A source said, “With a better grip in Mandarin, Indian Army personnel will be able to express their point of view more clearly.” We have a large number of personnel who know the Mandarin language.

The Army has recently obtained necessary approvals for induction of Mandarin trained personnel in the Territorial Army. Sources said Chinese language experts are functionally essential at the strategic level and they are required to carry out analysis at the operational and strategic level to meet the future needs.

He said that during various level dialogues such as Corps Commander-level talks, flag meetings, joint exercises and Border Personnel Meetings (BPM), they can better understand their point of view and exchange ideas about the activities of the Chinese PLA. A large number of Mandarin experts are needed to provide.

The Army has recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Defense University (RRU), Central University of Gujarat (CUG) and Shiv Nadar University (SNU) to impart proficiency in Mandarin language to its personnel. In addition, efforts within the establishment include increasing the vacancies at Military Training School at Pachmarhi and School of Foreign Languages, Delhi.

Sources said that to assess the proficiency level of linguists as per international standards, examinations of trained soldiers are conducted through civilian institutions like ‘Langma School of Languages’ in Delhi. The armed forces have taken several steps in the last two years to enhance overall surveillance along the LAC following the military standoff in eastern Ladakh. PLC/GT



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