Know the right place and direction to install clock in the house from Vastu Shastra

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New Delhi : If you are going to install a wall clock in your house, then just wait, this article is for you. By reading these articles, you can bring happiness in your house by getting the knowledge of the right place and direction according to Vastu Shastra to install the clock in your house.

Time is very important in our life. It is very important for everyone to move with time. One who supports time, time supports him. If a person moves according to time then he can be successful in his life. It is said that the person who does not move with time is left behind. We use clock at home to check time. According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of placing the clock in the house is also determined. If a clock is installed like this in the house, then auspicious results are obtained.

According to Vastu Shastra, we should install a clock in the north-east corner of our house i.e. the north-east wall. This north-east direction absorbs positive energy. By placing the clock in this direction, family members get auspicious results. Also, paths to progress in life open up.

Do not place your watch in this direction
According to Vastu, placing a clock on the south facing wall or table has a bad effect on the health of the head of the house. Similarly, a clock should never be placed above the door. The clock above the door can increase mental stress in the house and can also bring financial crunch in the house.

Apart from this, broken objects increase the effect of Rahu, hence one should not keep a broken watch in the house even by mistake. Not only a closed clock but also a clock telling wrong time causes Vastu defects. In such a situation, either fix the clock and correct the time or throw it out of the house.

Do not wear a watch of this color
According to Vastu, one should avoid installing clocks of very dark colors like black, blue etc. in the house, because such colors symbolize negative energy. According to Vastu, the flow of Satva energy is more in the east and north direction, hence the clock in the house should always be placed in the east or north direction. Installing a pendulum clock on the wall is also considered very auspicious. Such a clock brings love, progress and harmony in the house and removes the difficulties of life.

Pendulum clock is also auspicious
A pendulum clock should be kept in the drawing room of the house. Similarly, while installing a clock in the house, attention should also be paid to its size. According to Vastu Shastra, a clock should be installed round, square, oval or with eight or six arms. This increases positivity there. One should avoid installing pointed shaped clock in the house.

We hope that after reading this article, you would have gained knowledge of the correct place and direction as per Vastu Shastra to install the clock in the right house.


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