Presidential election
Presidential election

The current President Ram Nath Kovind’s term ends on July 24. The new president is to take oath by July 25. The names for the President’s post have been announced by the NDA and the opposition. NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu has filed nomination. Opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha will file nomination on Monday. In the vote for the President, 543 Lok Sabha MPs, 233 Rajya Sabha MPs and 4,033 MLAs from across the country will vote in the Presidential election.

The total value of votes of MPs for this election is 5,43,200 and the total value of votes of MLAs is 5,43,231. In the collegium, the margin of victory and defeat will be decided by a total of 1086431 votes for the post of President. Though NDA is the largest group in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, it still needs the support of smaller parties and independent candidates to win. BJP is ruling in 18 states. It is believed to get 5,32,351 votes out of 1086431 votes. Whereas 5,43,216 votes are needed for victory. At first glance, this math of statistics may be paving the way for Murmu’s victory. The opposition has implicated the strategy of BJP and Modi by making Yashwant Sinha a candidate.

Proposing Yashwant’s name for the presidential election on behalf of the opposition is being considered as a decision to create difficulties for the BJP. Yashwant Sinha stayed in BJP for 26 years. Atal has been an important Union Minister and a confidant of Advani. He is still supported by many top BJP leaders. Many leaders have become victims during the tenure of Atal-Advani’s BJP and Modi-Shah’s BJP. They may not be in a position to protest openly today, but they have been expressing dissatisfaction inside. The present MLA-MP is also included in these people. The compulsion of power may have kept these people in the BJP, but in the present era it is angry. At the time of voting in the presidential election, these MLAs and MPs can vote for Yashwant Sinha because of their mutual relations and old ideology.

Whip is not issued for presidential election. MPs and MLAs have the right to vote of their choice. It is believed that MPs/MLAs vote for the candidate of their choice on the voice of the soul. NDA may be dented if whip is not issued. In view of this situation, the election for the post of President has increased the concern of Modi-Shah with Yashwant Sinha being the opposition candidate.

While Draupadi Murmu belongs to Jharkhand, Sinha’s career also started from Jharkhand. In such a situation, Jharkhand’s votes are important for both. So far, NDA is assuming that JMM will come together because of Murmu being a tribal, but Yashwant Sinha being associated with Jharkhand, Bihar BJP for 26 years, being a reliable leader of Atli-Advani, this dream of NDA may also fade. . The MPs and MLAs of political parties supporting the JDU and NDA, which are in the government with the BJP, can give a chuckle while voting. The kind of delay that Nitish has shown in support of Murmu, he is hinting at something else.
At the same time, the sympathy that is being seen in favor of Yashwant Sinha from inside the BJP. This has made the presidential election interesting. The camel can sit on any side due to the small gap between the pros and cons.

Presidential election was held in 1969 due to the untimely death of the then President Zakir Hussain. The then Vice President V.V. Giri resigned from his post and contested the presidential election. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister at that time. That VV Giri wanted to be the President. At the same time, the Congress party nominated former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Neelam Sanjiva Reddy as the candidate for the post of President.
Indira Gandhi was not in sync with the organisation. Hence Indira Gandhi fielded VV Giri as the opposition candidate in the election fray for the post of President.

Before voting, Indira Gandhi appealed to all the voters to vote on the voice of the soul. This appeal had an effect. VV Giri won the presidential election by a narrow margin. PLC/GT



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