Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Jammu and Kashmir all-rounder Vivrant Sharma is in constant discussion after the IPL 2023 mini auction. No one knows about Vivarant before the auction, but everyone was surprised when crores were bid on him in the auction. Apart from batting left-handed, Vivek is also a useful leg-spin bowler. For this reason, crores have been bid on him in IPL.

However, Vivant himself did not expect that his auction would fetch such a huge amount. They were just hoping that any team in the auction would buy them. When Vivrant saw that he was bought by Sunrisers Hyderabad for 2.6 crores, he first called his mother and elder brother and informed about it.

In the year 2020, Vivarant’s father had died. After this, his elder brother Vikrant gave up his dream of becoming a cricketer. Vikrant himself was a fast bowler, but he gave priority to his younger brother’s career and took over his father’s chemical business. Vivrant did not disappoint his elder brother and made it to his state’s Ranji team in 2021 itself. Here he did wonders with the bat and also bowled usefully.

At the behest of Abdul Samad, Vivrant was selected as a net bowler in the Hyderabad team. During this, he also showed the ability to play big shots. After this, he also impressed with his performance in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy. For this reason, the Hyderabad team did not hesitate to give him 2.6 crores.

Vivrant himself is a left-handed batsman and is greatly influenced by Yuvraj Singh. He likes to bat just like Yuvraj. Apart from Yuvi, Vivant has also learned a lot from Irfan Pathan and is still in touch with him. Irfan Pathan has made a significant contribution in promoting the players of Jammu and Kashmir and Vivrant is also one of them.

Now the vibrant Brian wants to learn from Lara and move forward. After coming to the Sunrisers team, he will have a lot of better opportunities to learn and he wants to improve himself further by staying connected to the ground. PLC/GT


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