The last lunar eclipse of this year is going to happen on November 8. Earlier on October 25, the last solar eclipse of the year took place. According to astrology, any eclipse of Sun and Moon is not considered auspicious.

If we do the same thing about the lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan 2022), then it has a direct effect on all the living beings. This is the reason that due to the lunar eclipse, it is forbidden to do many things.

According to the same religious scholars, the Sutak period starts before the lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan 2022). This Sutak period has an adverse effect on the people. During this Sutak period, pregnant women should avoid sewing and cutting of clothes. Also they should not cut vegetables. Also, people should not make the mistake of sleeping when there is a Sutak period before the lunar eclipse. By doing this, they have to bear the ill effects of the eclipse and the financial condition of their family deteriorates. Mantras should be chanted during this period to reduce the ill effects of the eclipse.

At the same time, when the Sutak period has started, then people should abstain from the consumption of food. They should neither cook nor consume food. This rule does not apply to sick, elderly and children. The same eclipse also affects the food and drinking water prepared in your home. Therefore, before the beginning of the eclipse period, Tulsi and Kush leaves should be put in your food and drinking water. When the eclipse period is over, then the leaves of these two should be taken out from food and water and consumed. PLC/GT


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