Know about NDA Presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu


This time the main contest in the presidential election is going to be between Draupadi Murmu vs Yashwant Sinha. Draupadi Murmu, former minister of Odisha and former governor of Jharkhand, will contest the presidential election as an NDA candidate, while the UPA and some other opposition parties together announced to field Yashwant Sinha as a joint candidate. Is.

The joint opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha has a deep and long relationship with the BJP and his son Jayant Sinha, currently also a Lok Sabha MP from Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. Father Yashwant Sinha has been a minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s NDA government, while son Jayant Sinha has been a minister in Modi’s NDA government. After this, since the announcement of Yashwant’s candidate by the opposition parties, there were speculations that what would his son Jayant Sinha do now? Will Jayant Sinha, as an MP, vote for his father for the country’s highest constitutional post or will he support his party, the BJP?

While releasing his video statement, Jayant said, “My respected father Yashwant Sinha ji has been declared the candidate for President by the opposition. People and media have been questioning me since this announcement. I will request all of you. That you don’t see me as a son at this time, don’t make this a family affair.

“I am a BJP worker, a BJP MP from Hazaribagh. I understand my constitutional obligations and will fulfill it fully,” Jayant said, saying that he would fulfill his obligations towards the party instead of his father.
Expressing gratitude to the party high command for making Draupadi Murmu the NDA candidate, Jayant wrote in his next tweet, “Heartfelt congratulations to Draupadi Murmu ji on being made the NDA’s presidential candidate.

His life has always been dedicated to tribal society and poor welfare. Hearty congratulations and gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President JP Nadda for this decision. Let us tell you that in the presidential election, the MP or MLA can voluntarily vote for any candidate, because the rule of whip of political parties does not apply in this election. PLC/GT


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