Saturday, May 30th, 2020


Kiran-Uttam-Ghosh-AIFW-AW-1INVC NEWS New Delhi, Silver appears through the collection, a versatile metal  used to create classically delicate ensembles with a fine jewellery feel, or as industrially dramatic   to  opulently rustic  chunky pieces in tribal jewellery with accents of coloured stonework.  The tone is often understated, sometimes whitish and shiny, or high-gloss and sleek, or tarnished and rustic. Inspiration - textures from jewellery are the inspiration for embroideries, textile selection and placements. Silver filigree work, with inserts of pearls and small crystals. Beaten silver cuffs,  collars, hemlines, chunky chokers, ear-cuffs  palm bracelets etc.  Sometimes modern, minimalist, conceptual jewellery.  Sometimes Tibetan, Mongolian, Central Asian jewellery. Dark almost tarnished silver with inlays of turquoise, coral and other stones. Character - Light tones of silver .Small, delicate motifs, lighter and finer embroidery materials. Some sheer elements. A wispy feel.  Moving on to ensembles with an industrial finish. Rather than motifs, these ensembles rely on surface techniques using cooler, experimental components. There after evolving into pieces from inspirations from  Tibetan, Mongolian, Central Asian jewellery. Dark tarnished silver with inlays of turquoise, coral and other stones. Colours -   Silver greys, often with strong turmeric and ombre in Yellow tones as an accent.   The tones varying from whitish silver to gunmetal, along with deep Teals, Blue greens, Indigo Blues along with the shades in between, Concluding with deep rich reds, oxblood and  marsala  ombre with   Brown, deep Charcoal and anthracite greys with  embroidery areas. Shapes - There is a striking duality in the shapes: fluidity versus structured, sheer versus opaque.  Light layering with a variation. The motifs and placements guide the shapes. KUG Accessories - Specially created chokers, palm bracelets and earcuffs in silver with filigree, pearl detail, dark grey diamante and Minakari. ‘I have always been obsessed by silver.  This collection is a celebration of excess and maximalism all the way.  As tones of silver against a striking colour palette travel from ethereally pretty to stylistically futurist to powerfully nomadic.'



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