With the arrest of  Pawan Verma @ Bunty Aged- 22 yrs.S/o Sh Ram Sahay VermaR/o RZ-31/B, Street No. 3, West Sagar Pur, Delhi and .Himanshu Aged- 22 yrs S/o Vijay RautR/o RZ-C-18, Dabri Extension,Sita Puri, Delhi. Central Distt police has solved a case of kidnapping for ransom mystry staged by the kidnapee himself with the connivance of his friend.


On 26.12.09, at about 7:15 PM, one Sh. Ram Sahay Verma s/o Late Sh Chandey Verma r/o RZ-31/B, Street No. 3, West Sagar Pur, Delhi, who runs an optical shop at 63, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh reported to PS Karol Bagh that his son namely Pawan @ Bunty who too runs his optical shop at 95, Gaffar Market, Karol Bagh had been kidnapped. He further told that Bunty came to his shop at about 4:00 PM and said that someone had called him on his mobile that the caller knew the name of the person who had stolen the items from his shop and had called him near Arya Samaj Mandir, few metres from Gaffar Market and while going he assured him(his father) that he would be back within 10-15 minutes. But when Bunty didn’t turn up till 5 o’clock he called on his mobile but an unknown person picked the phone and told that your son is very clever and that he was beating him and would be freed after 5 minutes. He again made a call to contact him but the same man again picked the phone and told him (father) that his son had been kidnapped. On receiving this information a case u/s 365 IPC was registered immediately and the investigation taken up. A call was again received that his son could only be released after receiving a ransom of Rs. 20 lacs.


The Team


A joint team of PS Karol Bagh and Spl Staff was constituted comprising of Inspr Adesh Tyagi, SI Prashant, with other staff and Insp. Satender Mohan I/c Spl Staff, Ct Adesh Tyagi of Central District Special Staff under the overall close supervision of ACP/ Karol Bagh Sh S. Sarvanan.


During investigation it was revealed that instead of making voice calls the kidnapper was communicating with the Text Messages. He demanded ransom through SMS’s. Police took the command in its control and started replying through SMS’s. Inspr Satendra and Ct Adesh Tyagi deputed to keep observation on the movements and location of kidnapper by tracking the calls.with ransom money, first the Kidnapper called Mr. Verma near his residence. His location was near Chhatarpur village. One team was sent to Chhatarpur and one team headed towards West Sagar Pur. Later, he changed the track and directed Mr. Verma to reach his home at the earliest in his Skoda car alongwith the booty in a black bag. At that time location of his mobile was near New Mahavir Enclave, near the residence of Mr. Verma. The team sped back rapidly to pick the car to meet the deadline. In the car, Inspector Adesh Tyagi along with the team were present hiding themselves between the front and rear seats and another police team was giving cover from another car. The perpetrator now directed to move the car and to drive slowly towards Dhaula Kuan. Then he directed to drive towards Uttam Nagar. Once he asked to stop near Agrawal Sweets. The kidnapper was constantly communicating through SMS’s.It shows the intelligence and background of the kidnapper.


After the whole night episode, at about 12:00 noon the game started again and the bargain took the joint team to Sector-9, Dwarka. The tracking team identified the location of caller at Dwarka. This time, another son of Mr. Verma, Puneet @ Pintu, was given the responsibility to deliver the money on the direction of the alleged kidnapper. He had to drop the moneybag in the bushes in front of City Walk Mall near Sector-9, Dwarka Metro Station. At about 6:00 PM a tall young man wearing a black jacket came there and picked up the bag. The police team, positioned nearby, caught hold of him while picking up the moneybag. Though he tried his level best to flee away but the police staff overpowered him. Stunned Puneet identified the bag picker as his brother Bunty, the kidnapee. He had confessed his involvement in the incident. On further investigation, it was established that the alleged kidnapped boy is under heavy debts due to his luxurious life style. He is fond of keeping girl friends, luxury cars, playing bowling, to go in expensive Discotheques and Bars etc. He is a regular visitor of some famous bars and pubs. He is very fond of Mocha’s Sheesha Club. His new girl friend wanted to celebrate the New Year Eve in MACAU. Pawan wanted to fulfill her wish but he was not able to bear all the expenses  having already borrowed Rs 8.5 lacs for his levish lifestyle. He hatched the plan of his own kidnapping drama along with his friend Himanshu who is working with Domino’s at Gurgaon. Himanshu was the person who made the call to Bunty on 26.12.09 from a PCO booth. It was Himanshu only who kept a watch on the movement of the car in the intervening night of 26-27.12.09 riding on his caliber motorcycle and passed the information to Bunty. It was again Himanshu who dropped Bunty near Dwarka Metro Station wherefrom Bunty was apprehended. A manhunt was launched to nab him and got apprehended from his house at Sita Puri, Delhi. His motorcycle was recovered from his rented house near his workplace at Gurgaon. Pwan was arrested in the case for trying to extort money by staging his own kidnapping drama along with his accomplice Hmanshu.  Further investigation is in progress.



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