Killer Sapphire: Know all about Killer Sapphire , You must have heard about the zodiac gems outside, must have seen it, must have worn it as well as you must have heard about the bloody sapphire and you will also be eager to know everything about the bloody sapphire.


Let us tell you everything about Killer Sapphire. One of the gems is Neelam Ratna, it is a gem of Saturn and it is considered to be a very powerful gemstone. It is said about it that it can also make a king a king, but bloody sapphire is thousands of times more powerful than common sapphire, the results of bloody sapphire are good or worst.


Let us tell in which special circumstances the bloody sapphire is worn. If a person’s horoscope is of Scorpio ascendant and Moon is in Capricorn and Mars is in sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then it is advisable to wear bloody sapphire. And if the Moon is in Aries and the native is in Capricorn ascendant, the Mahadasha of Mars is going on in Saturn, even then it is advised to wear bloody sapphire.


Before wearing bloody sapphire, show your horoscope to any knowledgeable astrologer not once but one million times, and must show your horoscope to more than one knowledgeable astrologer.


Please note: This information is only for the opinion of any knowledgeable astrologer/expert before wearing bloody sapphire.


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