Kharmas : How to avoid inauspicious Kharmas

How to avoid inauspicious Kharmas
How to avoid inauspicious Kharmas

Kharmas:  In this article about Kharmas, an attempt has been made to give many important information for your happiness, many religious people are eager to know about Kharmas, in this article an attempt has been made to satisfy the curiosity of all such people.

Importance of Sanatan Dharma Muhurta

In Sanatan Dharma, it is considered very important to see auspicious time to do any work. It is believed that if the work is done at an auspicious time or day, then that work gets completed without any hindrance and the person also gets auspicious results. .

Stop on all auspicious works during the days of Kharmas

In such a situation, the days of Kharmas are not considered auspicious in religious and astrological terms. It is believed that doing auspicious works during this period does not give full results and one has to bear its bad consequences. During this time all auspicious works come to a halt, but during the days of Kharmas it is better to follow some rules and adopt some measures, so today we are telling you about this.

Since when is kharmas

According to the religious calendar, on March 15, at 5.17 am, the Sun will transit in Pisces and will remain there till April 14, 2023. In such a situation, this period is being seen as Kharmas, during this time it will be beneficial to follow some rules and take measures. It is believed that auspicious works like marriage should not be done during the days of Kharmas, otherwise it has a bad effect on the newly married couple. Also, buying a new house, jewelry or vehicle during this period is also not considered good.

Along with this, house warming, Upanayan Sanskar, Mundan and engagement should also not be done in Kharmas. It is not good to do this.

Do this easy remedy in Kharmas

Let us tell you that the worship of deities is considered very important during the days of Kharmas. But among these, worshiping Lord Shri Suryadev is the best, by doing this the devotees get the support of fortune and prosperity. The path of progress also becomes easy. During this, Vishnu worship also gives good results and the economic condition starts improving.

Hope you have got answers to many of your questions related to Kharmas and you can also make your life happy by doing these simple remedies in Kharmas.


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