Kharagone Gears Up: Streets Adorned, Offices Illuminated for Makar Sankranti


Bhopal : Immerse yourself in the splendor of Kharagone’s Gaurav Divas – a nine-day celebration of lights, culture, and community pride. Experience the divine Kundanadi Aarti, witness 2 lakh deepas illuminating the city, and indulge in the rich folklore of Nimar. Join the collective brilliance of women in the Kumkum program and be part of a cultural extravaganza like never before.

The Radiant Celebration: Gaurav Divas Unveiled

Embarking on a monumental journey, Kharagone is set to celebrate its Gaurav Divas for an unprecedented nine days, from January 14th to January 22nd, 2024. The city is ablaze with preparations, promising a spectacle that rivals even the grandeur of the Ganga Aarti.

A River of Lights: 2 Lakh Deepas Illuminate Kundanadi

On the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, the city will echo the divine cadence of the Kundanadi Aarti, resonating with the spiritual essence of more than 2 lakh lit lamps gracefully set afloat by its residents. The city will be bathed in the warm glow of these deepas, creating a spectacle reminiscent of the sacred Ganga.

Cultural Extravaganza: Narmadi Lok Kala on Display

Kharagone Gaurav Divas promises not just a visual feast but a cultural extravaganza, featuring the rich folklore of Nimar. The vibrancy of local arts will be showcased, bringing alive the cultural heritage of the region. Every administrative edifice, akin to a bride adorned for her wedding, will stand as a testament to the city’s pride.

City Adorned: A Symphony of Lights and Colors

The city is not merely preparing for a celebration; it is orchestrating a symphony of lights and colors. As the Kundanadi undergoes meticulous cleaning to ensure a pristine Aarti and deepdan experience, every household is gearing up for a visual spectacle. Streets will be adorned with mesmerizing rangolis, and the cityscape will be transformed into a canvas of unparalleled beauty.

Powerful Displays: Illuminating the City’s Offices

On January 15th, Makar Sankranti and Gaurav Divas, all governmental offices will be transformed into beacons of attraction. Adorned with captivating illuminations, these structures will stand as a symbol of unity and pride for the city.

Collective Brilliance: Women’s Kumkum Program

In a moment of collective brilliance, the women of Kharagone will partake in a collective Kumkum program on the auspicious day of Gaurav Divas. This event is not just a cultural tradition but a celebration of the strength and unity of the city’s women.

Diverse Celebrations: An Array of Events Unveiled

The nine-day extravaganza will feature a diverse array of events, including cultural programs, honoring talents from various domains, daily Aarti and deepdan by the residents, a Rangoli Festival, sports activities, and the grand finale on January 22nd, where the divine presence of Ram Lalla will be celebrated akin to Diwali.

A Gaurav Divas Like Never Before

In conclusion, Kharagone’s Gaurav Divas is not merely a celebration; it is a manifestation of the city’s collective spirit, pride, and cultural richness. With the promise of a nine-day spectacle that rivals the grandeur of renowned festivities, Kharagone is poised to make history and etch its name on the map of cultural brilliance.


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