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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Kejriwal exposed, BJP stand vindicated : Tarun Chugh on Sucha Singh Chhotepur

KejriwalINVC NEWS Chandigarh, The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today claimed that the allegations today leveled by party's Punjab Convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur in his press conference at Chandigarh have vindicated the allegations it has beenleveling against AAP and its national convener Arvind Kejriwal.

BJP National Secretary Tarun Chugh said their party has been constantly maintaining that AAP was a group of“anti-national, anti-Punjab people” who was out to grab power with just a motive to loot the coffers of various state governments. Hailing Chhotepur for daring to speak the truth, Chugh said when the AAP leader stated that Punjabis were neither heard nor respected in the party, he was only endorsing what BJP has been saying. Chugh said, "People who don't belong to Punjab, who don't understand Punjab and who don't have a commitment for Punjab were calling the shots and ruling a bunch of power hungry people from the state who thought that they would come in power riding on a fake wave." The BJP leader said that he wishes that better sense prevails and the other leaders of AAP too realize that they were being used as tools to capture power for ulterior motives by the new found "East India Company". Commenting on Chhotepur's allegations on Kejriwal regarding Akal Takht and Sikhism, Chugh said that it was highly shameful that Kejriwal commented in such a way.  He said this shows Kejriwal in his lust for power and money can go to any length and even show disrespect for a religion. Chugh also appealed to the people of Punjab to see through the game of AAP's so called national leaders and Punjab stooges and rely on the time-tested combination of SAD-BJP alliance which has not only worked hard for the development of the state but also remained committed to the cause of communal harmony and peace and in the state.



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