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Chandigarh ,

Sister Sarika from sector 51 center of Brahmakumaris , who had started clean Chandigarh campaign 2 weeks back had organised workshop for awareness of cleanliness to the people of Chandigarh at sector 42 lake.

Sister Sarika spoke in length ,interacting with hundreds of city residents about the need for cleanliness again emphasizing that cleanliness both outside and inside. We don’t cherish what we have with us right now. We have the best panned city of India and the most beautiful one too as compared to any other city In this country and look what we are doing to it daily. She asked everyone that whether it was the duty of the government to keep the city clean it us?

She said, government can provide us parks and public places, but littering, that we do daily is not the duty of government to clean but our responsibility not to let it happen at the first place. It’s conscious effort which is needed to stop it at the first place. Once we keep outside clean consciously, we will be able to clean our inside also consciously , as it becomes awareness and a habit . Right now as we r not clean inside so we are comfortable with dirt outside . Let’s ever start it from now.

Sister Sarika  then asked all people present ,to offer themselves as volunteers and help her in making te city as per its reputation. More than 100 volunteers offered themselves there itself. Sister Sarika then asked them to start cleaning sector 42 lake and in 30 minutes the whole place was free from any litter and looked as clean as it should be.

Sister Sarika also saw that there were no dustbins in the park. She asked for sponsors for the dustbins and 3 industrialist have offered help in providing dustbins for the park, thus making sure that people have a place to put litter.

Sister Sarika once again asked for volunteers to join her campaign and can meet her at sector 51 center of brahma kumaris. Her resolve is to make Chandigarh clean through awareness by December 2015.


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