Monday, July 13th, 2020

KBDAV-7 Students Celebrate Christmas With Resolutions For The Year 2014


Chandigarh, The ambience of KBDAV-7 was set in a festive mood with students hued in winter colours of Red, Black and White and a Santa Cap worn by all 2800 school students along with 400 Saral Ahsaas students who joined hands together in Christmas Celebration with gaiety and fervour. To bring light to the lives of "Saral Ahsaas" students (the underprivileged children adopted for free education at KBDAV-7), whole school came forward to share gifts, candles, greetings and cakes for the 400 Saral Ahsaas children, which were distributed to them by the school Principal Mrs. Madhu Bahl. To let the Christmassy feeling sink, the celebration began with "Cake cutting" by the School Principal. "Carol Singing" by the school orchestra group rocked in the premises. Dramatization of birth of "Jesus Christ" was the highlight of the show. Birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the son of Nazareth who died the sake of humanity was well presented by all. Variety of cultural programme like Carrol Singing, Western Dance, Folk Dance, individual presentation by the students was indeed mesmerizing. The grand celebration enjoyed by all included Craft Items made by students, decorated Candles, Bells, Christmas Trees, New Year Cards and many more. Brain Storming Quiz questions on Christmas were put up for the student audience. The winners were given prizes by the Principal. Principal gave away prizes all the participants. Principal Madhu Bahl said, “Every function of the school, big or small, is celebrated with great joy active participation of all.”



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