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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Kaul Singh Thakur stresses on reconstructing disaster management policy

download3INVC NEWS Shimla, Health & Family Welfare and Revenue Minister Shri Kaul Singh Thakur stressed the need to restructure the policy on disaster management reflecting a holistic approach involving prediction, mitigation and preparedness in the pre-disaster phase alongwith the on going post disaster relief and rehabilitation so that the post disaster effects were reduced. Shri Thakur was speaking on second world congress on disaster management organized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the disaster management infrastructure and control society (DMIC) at Viskhapatnam on Thursday. He said that the State Government had taken various steps and adopted management strategies to mitigate the impact of hazards as Himachal Pradesh falls in seismic zone IV and V which were highly prone to earthquake. He said that State Government had constituted high power State Disaster Management Authority under the chairmanship of Chief Minister. The authority was a nodal centre for development, training and capacity building in disaster mitigation, preparedness, responsive recovery and relief. The Government had also constituted a State level disaster management committee to take stock of disaster situation and monitor and administered the state disaster management plan in Himachal Pradesh. Besides, a crisis management group had also been constituted in the State. Considering the high seismic vulnerability of the State, the Revenue Minister said that building courts and designs were reviewed and the department responsible for the construction work had imparted necessary awareness to their engineers, planners and architects. He said that all the government departments had also been advised to prepare their own emergency preparedness plans. He urged the scientific community, planners and administrators to devise sustainable long term strategies and solutions so that development took place in tandem with environment balance particularly in mountain regions. He said that the State Government had also initiated a process to review and update H.P. Relief Manual so that suitable and timely relief and rehabilitation could be extended to the affected persons.



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