Kathmandu Crackdown: Gang Busted for Illegally Recruiting Nepalese into Russian Army


Summary: An inside look into the arrest of a Kathmandu gang for illegally recruiting Nepalese citizens into the Russian army, charging hefty fees, amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Article: The recent exposure of a Kathmandu-based criminal syndicate, involved in illicitly recruiting Nepalese citizens into the Russian army, has cast a spotlight on the dark underbelly of international human trafficking and illegal recruitment practices. This development is particularly alarming in the backdrop of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, where the safety and legality of such recruitment are highly questionable.

Syndicate’s Modus Operandi

Operating from the heart of Kathmandu, the gang meticulously organized ‘visit’ visas and other documents for their recruits, charging them a hefty sum ranging from seven to eleven lakh Nepalese Rupees. This substantial fee underscores the exploitative nature of their operations, targeting individuals desperate for overseas opportunities. The gang’s reprehensible activities were unveiled following the tragic involvement and subsequent death of six Nepalese citizens in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, highlighting the perilous implications of illegal human movement from Nepal to active war zones.

Law Enforcement’s Swift Action

The Kathmandu District Police’s response to this crisis has been commendable, with the arrest of all 12 members of this nefarious gang. This crackdown is a part of Nepal’s intensified efforts to combat human trafficking and illegal recruitment, particularly amidst the complexities of the Eastern European conflict. Further, the Nepalese government has taken a firm stand by appealing to Russia to cease the recruitment of Nepalese citizens in their military forces, thus reaffirming their commitment to the protection and welfare of their citizens.


Q: What charges are the gang members facing?
A: The gang members are facing charges related to human trafficking, illegal recruitment, and possibly charges related to endangering the lives of Nepalese citizens.

Q: How did the authorities become aware of the gang’s activities?
A: The gang’s activities came to light following the death of six Nepalese citizens in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which prompted an investigation.

Q: What steps is the Nepalese government taking to prevent such incidents in the future?
A: The Nepalese government is strengthening its measures against human trafficking, enhancing border security, and has appealed to foreign governments to prevent the illegal recruitment of its citizens.


The unraveling of this Kathmandu-based gang’s illegal recruitment scheme into the Russian army serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in combating human trafficking and illegal recruitment. It also underscores the need for increased vigilance and international cooperation to protect vulnerable populations from such exploitative practices. As the world watches the Russia-Ukraine conflict unfold, the safety and rights of individuals caught in the crossfire must remain a paramount concern.


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