Friday, July 10th, 2020

Kasab, Afzal & all other Jehadis Must be Hanged Immediately : Dr Pravin Togadia

INVC,, Delhi,, Expressing utmost appreciation to the Honourable Mumbai High Court’s verdict confirming death by hanging to Ajmal Aamir Kasab, VHP International Secretary General Dr Pravin Togadia said, “Mumbai police, Public Prosecutor Advocate Shri Ujjwal Nikam & the brave witnesses got Jehadi terrorist Kasab to justice. It requires not only courage but also an unconditional commitment to the security of the nation. But as we always see, justice is done only when it is seen to be done. Afzal Guru, the Jehadi terrorist who attacked the Parliament, is still alive even after the Honourable Supreme Court confirmed his death sentence. Process of law can not be an excuse for Jehadis whose only aim is to rule Bharat & spread Islam. Therefore, all those families who have lost their near & dear ones in various Jehadi attacks will get justice only when all those Jehadis are hanged to death.” Dr Togadia further added, “But the governments are bent upon being soft towards such Jehadis whereas treating Hindus as terrorists in Bharat. This is a tragic paradox that the majority of Bharat is a victim of Jehadi terror but the victims are being dumped in jails! Naxals are abducting senior officials, ULFA yet threatening attacks but the government is bending before them for vote banks. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan of Pakistan is charged under FEMA but he is allowed to go away with just a minimal fine whereas thousands of Indians are languishing in Pak jails. Mumbai Bomb Blasts accused, Mumbai train blasts accused, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad Jehadi attacks accused are still alive & are misusing Bharat’s democracy & Bharat’s liberal law system. Al Queda has issued the statement that Democracy is unIslamic but Jehadis who attacked Bharat have been manipulating Bharat’s democratic systems. It is the need of the hour that cross-border & ingrown Jehadi terrorism is treated as the most heinous crime & the Jehadis should not be allowed to avail of Bharat’s law processes that keep such demons alive. Their being alive longer like this either pending cases or pending mercy petitions also poses great risk to Bharat’s internal security as Bharat has not yet forgotten the Kandhar incident where many ferocious Jehadis were let off due to hi-jacking. Both state & Union governments should look at such aspects seriously immediately & hang the Jehadis at once to save Bharat further.”



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