Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

Ujjain : As the festive air of Kartik Purnima descends upon the tranquil city of Ujjain, it brings with it a unique tradition deeply rooted in devotion and reverence for Lord Krishna. In the sacred abode of Maharshi Sandipani’s ashram, the observance of Kartik Purnima heralds the beginning of winter, and to ensure that Lord Krishna does not feel the chill, a special ritual of offering warmth is meticulously performed.

The Transformation of Lord Krishna’s Daily Routine

In the pristine surroundings of the ashram, the daily routine of Lord Krishna undergoes a profound transformation with the arrival of Kartik Purnima. The traditional worship practices at the ashram take on a new dimension as they prepare to shield Lord Krishna from the cold.

The Significance of Warm Water Bath

One of the most vital aspects of this ritual is the ceremonial bathing of Lord Krishna with warm water. Early in the morning and during the evening hours, Lord Krishna is bathed with warm water to keep him snug and comfortable. It is believed that the warm water bath not only protects him from the winter’s bite but also enhances his divine radiance.

The Sacred Sigadi Ritual

Central to this tradition is the Sigadi ritual. During both the morning and evening, Sigadi, a traditional Indian stove, is lit in front of Lord Krishna. This sacred fire represents the warmth and affection of his devotees. The radiant flames of Sigadi not only provide physical warmth but also symbolize the love and devotion of the worshippers towards the Lord.

Change in Lord Krishna’s Attire and Offerings

With the onset of winter, Lord Krishna’s attire and offerings also undergo significant changes. He is adorned in warm garments, including woolen sweaters, caps, and socks. It is a sight to behold as the deity dons these cozy outfits, a testament to the deep affection of his devotees.

Delectable Offerings to Ward off the Cold

To protect Lord Krishna from the cold, a variety of warm and delicious offerings are presented to him. Saffron-infused milk, hot jalebis, and other warm delicacies are lovingly offered. It is believed that these offerings not only provide physical warmth but also fill Lord Krishna with delight.

The Rituals in Maharshi Sandipani’s Ashram

The practice of maintaining Lord Krishna’s comfort extends to his caretakers, Maharshi Sandipani and Gurumata. They too are dressed in warm attire, ensuring their well-being as they continue their sacred duties.

The Prolonged Ritual: Kartik Purnima to Falgun Purnima

The warmth-offering ritual for Lord Krishna commences on Kartik Purnima and continues until Falgun Purnima. This extended period underscores the devotion of the worshippers and their commitment to ensuring Lord Krishna’s well-being throughout the winter season.

The Influence of Seasonal Changes in Vaishnav Temples

This tradition isn’t limited to Maharshi Sandipani’s ashram alone; it also has an impact on Vaishnav temples across the city. As the seasons change, so do the practices of devotion towards Lord Krishna.


Kartik Purnima, the harbinger of winter, brings with it a profound tradition of offering warmth to Lord Krishna in Ujjain. From warm water baths to the sacred Sigadi ritual, every aspect of this tradition is a testament to the deep devotion and love that the worshippers have for the Lord. As the winter season unfolds, this tradition continues to shine brightly, enveloping Lord Krishna in the warmth of devotion and affection.


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