Karauli’s Devotional Triumph: 11,000 Women Carry Akshat Kalash in Reverence


Karauli : Witness the historic Lord Rama procession in Karauli, where over 11,000 women lead a grand devotional display, leaving the city in awe. Immerse yourself in the spiritual journey that captivated hearts and marked a significant milestone in Karauli’s history.

A City Awash in Devotion

The very air of Karauli seemed to vibrate with spiritual energy as the grand procession of Lord Rama unfolded, marking a historic moment in the city’s annals. The sheer grandeur of the event was such that it left an indelible imprint on the hearts of every individual, as if Lord Rama himself had graced every soul with his divine presence.

A Majestic Procession

The colossal procession, a spectacle of unprecedented proportions, unfolded through the streets of the religious city. The city came to a standstill as its residents, drawn to their rooftops, witnessed the breathtaking spectacle that unfolded below. The historic city of Karauli, in all its glory, paused for nearly two hours to witness this monumental event.

Women Leading the Devotional Wave

For the first time in the history of Karauli, over 11,000 women became torchbearers of devotion, adorning their heads with the sacred Akshat Kalash. The sight of 11,000 women marching in unison, each carrying the divine Kalash, stirred the hearts of onlookers, igniting a wave of Ram Bhakti that echoed through every corner of the city.

Icons of History in the Divine Chariot

As the grand procession traversed the city, it was accompanied by iconic figures like Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Lakshmibai, and the resounding beats of Sanjeev Jhanki. The historic streets were adorned with flowers, rangolis, and open arms, creating an atmosphere of joyous celebration in the city.

A Welcome Woven in Flowers

For this historic procession, the residents of Karauli went above and beyond, spreading petals and creating intricate rangolis to welcome Lord Rama. What made this grand procession truly special was the fact that people, captivated by the spectacle, remained in awe for almost four hours.

A Historic Milestone

Amit Shukla, the Nagar Karyavahak of Sangh, revealed that this monumental procession was organized by the Shri Ram Janmotsav Anand Samiti. It marked the largest and most significant procession in the history of Karauli, with the inclusion of more than 3,600 communities. The uniqueness of the event lay in the participation of over 11,000 women carrying the Akshat Kalash.


The grand procession concluded at the Trilok Chand Mathur Stadium with a mesmerizing evening, featuring a collective recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa. The women, each holding their Kalash high, poured the sacred water onto 11 Parthiv Shivlings, bringing an end to the divine saga that unfolded in the heart of Karauli.


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