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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Kapil Sibal Chaired the meeting of the Council of NIT.



Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Human Resource Development Chaired the meeting of the Council of NITs today which was largely attended by the Chairpersons and Board of Governors National Institutes of Technologies. During the meeting, the Council took the following major decisions:- • The Council considered the proposal formulated by Dr. T. Ramasami Committee on Alternate System for Admission to undergraduate programmes in Science and Engineering in the country as presented before the IIT Council. It endorsed the same. There was a consensus in the Council that this proposal envisages a judicious mix of school and national level test performance and it will usher in an alternative admission system wherein multiplicity of tests and dependency on coaching would get reduced in a great measure, aligning the testing process to class XIIth syllabus. • The Council accorded ‘in-principle’ approval for introduction of revised NIT Merit Award, with fee tuition fee waiver on graded basis, to all those students who were ranked in the top bracket of the AIEEE examination conducted by the CBSE and who took admission in the NIT. Besides enlarging the scope of the beneficiaries, it also proposes exclusive scholarships for meritorious SC/ST and OBC students. It is expected that the revised Merit Award system would be put in place from the academic year 2012-12. • The Council deliberated upon and resolved various policy issues plaguing the NIT system in relation to the appointment of faculty and non-faculty staff, and Career Advancement Scheme in respect of teaching staff. It also decided that four-tier flexible system for faculty appointment, as existing in the IIT system, be introduced in NITs as well.



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