Kangana Ranaut’s Spiritual Journey in Ayodhya: A Glimpse into the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha Event

photo social media
photo social media

Ayodhya : In the midst of the historic Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha event in Ayodhya, several Bollywood celebrities embarked on a pilgrimage to witness the sanctification of the revered temple. Among these luminaries, the Queen of B-Town, Kangana Ranaut, graced Ayodhya with her presence, immersing herself in the devotion to Lord Ram.

A Divine Encounter with RamBhadraAcharya

Kangana Ranaut, wrapped in the aura of Ram’s bhakti, met with the venerable RamBhadraAcharya on Saturday. The actress shared heartwarming moments with him, capturing the blessed meeting on her social media. The photos depict Kangana embracing the spiritual leader, receiving his divine blessings.

Participation in the Hanuman Yajna

Adding a chapter to her spiritual journey, Kangana actively took part in the Shastravat Hanuman Yajna organized by RamBhadraAcharya. In a social media post, she expressed, “In the divine presence of Shri RamBhadraAcharya Ji, participated in the auspicious collective Hanuman Yajna, where every corner of Ayodhya resonates with the spirit of Lord Ram. Tomorrow, Ayodhya welcomes its king after a long exile. A momentous occasion indeed.”

Kangana’s Humble Service at Hanuman Mandir

Post the blessings and rituals, Kangana Ranaut, donned in a vibrant silk saree, engaged in humble service at the Hanuman Mandir. The actress shared a video on her Instagram story, showcasing her efforts in cleaning the temple premises with a broom. Despite the overwhelming crowd, Kangana’s commitment to cleanliness and devotion shines through.

A Glimpse of Traditions and Elegance

Throughout her spiritual sojourn, Kangana Ranaut exuded elegance in a traditional avatar. Clad in a red and golden silk saree, adorned with gold jewelry, a neat hair bun, and a prominent red bindi, the actress radiated timeless beauty. Her commitment to embodying the cultural essence of the occasion was evident in every detail of her attire.

Upcoming Projects and Cinematic Endeavors

Beyond her spiritual endeavors, Kangana Ranaut continues to make waves in the cinematic world. Her upcoming film, ‘Emergency,’ not only showcases her acting prowess but also marks her directorial debut. Set to release on April 24, 2024, the movie casts Kangana in the role of the iconic Indira Gandhi.

In addition to ‘Emergency,’ Kangana will grace the screens in the Tamil film ‘Vettaiyan,’ playing a pivotal role. The actress seamlessly blends her artistic pursuits with spiritual journeys, creating a dynamic and inspiring narrative.

As Kangana Ranaut’s spiritual journey unfolds in Ayodhya, her sincere devotion and participation in the Pran Pratishtha event paint a vivid picture of the actress’s multifaceted persona. From receiving blessings to actively engaging in rituals and temple cleaning, Kangana’s presence in Ayodhya becomes a symbol of reverence and commitment.

In the convergence of Bollywood glamour and spiritual sanctity, Kangana Ranaut stands as a beacon, weaving together traditions, elegance, and cinematic excellence. As we await the release of ‘Emergency’ and ‘Vettaiyan,’ Kangana’s journey in Ayodhya becomes a captivating chapter in her illustrious story.


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