“Kailash Kher recalls his childhood with his son Kabir”




Singer Kailash Kher recently released his new album “Rangeele”. This album which is recorded by his music company “Kailasa” has one conversational song called “Hudkaan mann biti” which is co-sung by Kailash’s 2 year old son Kabir. About this song Kailash says “I remember, when I was 5 years of age, while playing with my friends we had a rule that the person who would lose the game  had to carry the winner on a piggy back and go from one place to another saying “Hudkann mann biti”. So while I was writing the songs for my album “Rangeele” I was reminded of my childhood days and  I thought why not share these memories with my son. And this is how the song “Hudkann mann biti” was born.


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