Judges are guided by lawyers in courtroom: Justice K. Kannan


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New Delhi,

The Progressive Lawyers Forum (PLF) started its series of webinars from with its inaugural session with Justice K. Kannan (retd) on the topic ‘How to improve legal writing and drafting skills”.

The attendees of the sessions were lawyers, law students and the law officers of various public sector undertaking. The online session  was divided into 2 sessions of one hour. Justice Kannan Shared his  legal insight with the participant in legal writing one should be precise and should also know how to use simple language in the pleadings.He further said that Judges are guided by lawyers in the courtroom and further asked the lawyers & law students to read the legal books and biographies of  the great lawyers & judges.

The first question was asked by the young lawyer named Satyam Tandon and followed by no. of questions. Justice Kannan answered every question. Gaurav Goel, President of Progressive Lawyers Forum said that in the coming days the PLF will be conducting the online session on various legal topics wherein the Hon’ble Judges, Senior Lawyers & subject experts will be the guest speakers.

In the past also the  Progressive Lawyers Forum has organized number of seminars for the young lawyers at the Judicial Academy, Chandigarh.Further Pradeep Sharma, secretary of the forum informed that this series will continue and the forum is trying its level best to get the best legal minds to impart the subject wise information/training to the attendees of the webinar.


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