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Sunday, October 24th, 2021

Josh ‘World Famous’ wrapped up with a Grand Finale in Lucknow

Celebrity mentors Sunny Leone, Santosh Shukla and Raghu Ram-Rajiv ramp up the josh

Pick Lucknow’s finest as Josh’s newest short-video stars 

New Delhi,

Josh, India’s fastest growing and most-engaged short video app, brought the curtains down on its first original IP ‘World Famous’ that kicked off in Lucknow in March 2021. The 15-day mega talent hunt across the city that concluded yesterday in a star-studded Grand Finale at the Chancellor Club, discovered around 6000 new content creators throughout the campaign. Cheered on by their family, friends and special celebrity mentors – actors Sunny Leone and Santosh Shukla and reality TV duo Raghu Ram – Rajiv, these winners from Lucknow were hailed as the newest faces of made-in-India, short-video app Josh.  


These participants, selected after combing through 30K entry videos on the app, showcased some amazing, power packed performances across talents including dance, music, acting, comedy, fashion and stunt shows, among others. Giving them their first taste of being ‘world-famous’ short-video creators, the four celebrity mentors spent the evening sharing lessons in content creation for the uniquely evolving short-video ecosystem. These young stars will now find a vison, a voice, and a whole bunch of viewers on the Josh app, and some have also been selected as the face of Josh Studios.


Cheering for these creators, Seher Bedi, Head of Josh Studios said, “It fills us with a sense of pride and accomplishment as we come to the end of our search for the next big stars in Lucknow. Our mission and vision to look for the best talent across India continues as we head to other cities and towns in India over the next few months. We hope our journey gathers more support, momentum, and success like we have received during this campaign. All talent deserves to be recognized and celebrated, and we, at Josh, are here to help these rockstars fulfill their dreams of becoming the kings and queens of content creation in India.”


The Grand Finale was set up to mirror the enthusiasm and versatility of the creators who left no stone unturned to prove their mettle as the future stars of Josh. The event was buzzing with activities and excitement with interesting corners for creators that included a dance stage, an artist republic stage for musicians, selfie booths, a walkthrough with installations and props to generate content with.


Speaking at the event, celebrity mentor Sunny Leone said, “Lucknow has always had me fascinated by its multiculturalism and the variety of talent its youth possess. I wouldn’t have given this opportunity a miss where you get a chance to meet and mentor some of the most talented creators across the city. It is a privilege for me to be here at the Finale, enjoy these joshila performances of these wonderful creators. I congratulate Josh on their vision to give flight to the dreams of thousands of aspiring creators across the nation.”


Josh Studios was unveiled in March 2021 to scale the short-video platform’s capabilities to create a cutting-edge content and talent hub. ‘World Famous’ is the Studio’s first signature roll out for Josh that launched as a mahagathbandhan of India’s top 200+ best creators, the 10 biggest music labels and 5+ million UGC creators in September 2020, followed by super successes in the creation of the #JoshMeinAajaa anthem and a series of challenges on the platform.


Josh is a made-in-India, short-video app launched in September 2020 by VerSe Innovation. It represents a confluence of India’s top 200+ best creators, the 10 biggest music labels, 15+ million UGC creators, best in class content creation tools, the hottest entertainment formats, and formidable user demographics. Josh has been consistently rated as the leading Indian short-video app in India on the Play store. Currently, Josh is the fastest growing and most engaged short-video app in India with over 90 million MAUs (Monthly Active Users), 42 million DAUs (Daily Active Users) and 1.75+ billion video plays per day. 



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