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Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Join Anjali’s Break up Party at Chandigarh

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Channel V, in its latest offering is all set to oomph its viewers with a sensational story of an Ambala Girl – Anjali, seeking her self esteem and identity after a sad break up with her boyfriend due to a onsided opinion of a mismatch between the two. Her world comes to an end with her identity shattered and self esteem to an all time low.
To uplift Anjali’s morale and to make her feel better, Channel V is throwing a party to celebrate her breakup in a unique manner. Bitter tha par ab better ho sakta hai is what Anjali believes in. Channel V is celebrating Anjali’s breakup , If you want to be a part of the journey of her revival and be a part of the celebration, join her on her facebook page – ‘Anjali ki breakup party’ (Terms and conditions apply)
“The youth today go though similar situations atleast once in their lives and find it difficlult to come out of heartbrakes. The thought of celebrating breakups is politically incorrect but emotionally correct and is in tune with the brand thought if ‘Correct Hai’” says Prem Kamath – EVP&GM, Channel V.
Tune in to Channel V every Monday and Tuesday – 6PM to know more about her life journey.
Channel V Break up Party address Peddlers, Sco 467/468 Sector 35 /C, Chandigarh, India 160031.



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