Government of India will give more than 40 thousand jobs in health departments

If you are looking for government job or you are studying for government job then this news is for you only.

The Union Health Ministry has given approval for 40599 posts. The process of filling these posts will be completed in the next two and a half years. Approval has also been given from the Ministry of Finance to fill these posts.

27599 posts of 18 AIIMS of the country will be filled. Approval has been given to fill 4458 posts in Central Medical Colleges, 3025 posts in Central Hospitals, 1243 posts in NE Institute, 552 posts in Vaccine Institute, 407 posts in Health Department and 3315 posts in other services.

The decision to fill the above posts through UPSC was taken in the meeting.

Government of India has almost completed the preparation of government jobs in health departments. PLC/GT



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