Following are the progressive steps taken by government to increase the job opportunities for seafarers in the last three years.

  1. Three-Tier Mechanism of Learning comprises of E-Learning, Virtual Classes and passing of an On-line Exit Examination.
  2. Continuation of Maritime training during pandemic by digital/online mode.
  3. Biometric seafarer’s identity document is issued to the seafarers.
  4. Participation in international conferences to show case capabilities of Indian Seafarers.
  5. DGS has signed two MOUs with cruise shipping companies for establishing dedicated Institutes training of seafarers on Cruise vessels in India.
  6. Scholarship is given to women candidates to undergo maritime courses.
  7. To release more ship board training slots, the directorate has allowed for ship board training of officers and ratings on tugs and offshore vessels.
  8. In the light of emerged COVID situation, various SoPs and DGS Orders were issued from time to time for Crew Change in order to ensure smooth operation of supply chain.
  9. DGS Orders were issued from time to time to allow seafarers to retain validity of certificates enabling them to continue work or to join new vessel.
  10. Seafarers have been declared as “Key Workers”.

It is submitted that no funds have been allocated in the consolidated fund of Government of India for the social security protection of seafarers.

  1. The Welfare schemes for seafarers are implemented by the Seafarer’s Welfare Fund Society (SWFS) (an autonomous body under Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways) from its own funds. The contribution to the welfare fund corpus is made by Indian Shipping companies and Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers License holding companies (RPSL Companies), as per Government of India notifications. These notifications are issued by the Govt. of India, so as to build-up the welfare fund corpus of the SWFS to provide the welfare facilities to the Indian seafarers and their families, to comply the regulation of Maritime Labour Conventions of International Labour Organizations for seafarers, to which India is one of the signatory.
  2. The details of amount of funds disbursed and utilized for the social security
    protection of seafarers in the last five years by Seafarer’s Provident Fund Organization
    (SPFO) (an Autonomous body under Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways) are
    given below:

Financial Year No.of Seafarers Non-Refundable Withdrawal

(Amount in Rupees)(A)

Final Withdrawal (Amount in Rupees) (B) Total

(Amount in Rupees)


2017-2018 1584 2,34,18,600 71,78,80,076 74,12,98,676
2018-2019 1609 3,33,97,900 76,16,30,097 79,50,27,997
2019-2020 1706 2,21,61,756 67,78,47,795 70,00,09,551
2020-2021 635 2,03,58,298 25,47,21,715 27,50,80,013
2021-2022 1605 431,62,623 2477,26,093 2908,88,716
TOTAL 7,139 14,24,99,177 2,65,98,05,776 2,80,23,04,953

  1. The Maritime Training Trust (MTT) has been funding for Scholarship to women
    seafarers. The amount of funds disbursed and utilized for the said purpose in
    the last five years are given below:

Year No. of Women Seafarers applied for financial support Financial support given per women student (Amount in Rupees) Amount Funded by MTT (Amount in Rupees)
2017-18 51 50,000 25,50,000
2018-19 106 50,000 53,00,000
2019-20 185 1,00,000 185,00,000
2020-21 269 1,00,000 296,00,000
2021-22 367 1,00,000 367,00,000
TOTAL 978   9,26,50,000

This information was given by the Union Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal


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