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Monday, January 17th, 2022

JMD Medico launches Balm Veda


New Delhi, JMD Medico, one of the youngest ayurveda brand in the country, today announced its entry into the mentholated topical ointment by launching Balm Veda. Balm Veda is 100% herbal, natural & ayurvedic and instantly reduces headaches, nose congestion, chest heaviness and all the stress that forms due to these ailments. The launch of Balm Veda adds to the growing product portfolio of JMD Medico and makes the total product count to 35. With the changing temperature, we often become target to cold, cough, stiffness, headache and muscle ache. For instant relief we look at taking antibiotic medicines for such minor problems which has huge side effects in the longer run. JMD Medico's Balm Veda contains Thymol which helps in whooping cough, sore throat, bronchitis; Gandhpura Oil which is aromatic, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, stimulator, repellents, pain reliever, antibacterial, antiseptic and helps in relieving pain; Camphor which is anti-inflammatory, Decongestant, which aids in reducing congestion and treating cold and cough; Menthol & Katuvera Oil which helps in treating headaches, chest congestion, and muscle spasms due to exertion. Mr. Jagdish Prasad Purohit, Chairman, JMD Medico Services Limited said, “We have created Balm Veda keeping in mind the lifestyle of our consumers. In today’s time, taking care of oneself is a need however none of us have the time to invest on oneself. Being a herbal product with no side effects we have formulated this product in such a way that it shall give rapid relief to ailments like headache, cough, cold etc. We intend to broaden our product portfolio extensively and achieve our target sales of Rs.500 crore in the next three years.



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