prime minister narendra modi in patna biharINVC NEWS
The Prime Minister said that the huge crowds present at this rally in Pathna today were indicative of how the results of the assembly election would be.

The Prime Minister said Jharkhand is so rich in natural resources that it can be the No. 1 state in the country. He said the state needs a Government that works for people’s welfare. He said the previous governments were not able to fulfill the basic needs of the people like water, education, housing, health etc. He said only one father-son duo had prospered in the state. He said family rule had weakened democracy, and deprived the youth of opportunities. He said the time had come to end family rule in the state.

He said the other parties had no issues to criticize the Modi Government, and were now resorting to spreading false rumours. He said no one would be able to deprive the tribal community of their rights. He said he would be the first one to protect their rights. He asked the people to punish the parties who had not worked for the welfare of the people. He said other states which had considerable tribal population, had elected BJP Governments.

He said the Congress had not paid attention to the welfare of the tribals, adding that it was the Vajpayee Government that made a separate Ministry of Tribal Affairs, and made separate budgetary allocations for the same.

He said the eastern part of the country needed to progress fast, so that the entire country could become prosperous. He referred to the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, launched by the NDA Government for financial inclusion. He said the NDA Government at the Centre had the interests of the poor at heart.

He urged the people to elect the BJP in all seats of the Santhal Pargana area in this assembly election. He said he would return the love and affection given to him by the people, with interest, through development.


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