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What is the most prominent feature that comes to your mind when you visualize the faces of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Akshay Kumar or John Abraham? Besides their striking eyes, a strong well-defined jawline is the constant in all of them.

It is an accepted fact that a strong jawline defines the face more than any other single feature does. A chiseled and well definedjawline will give a male face an undeniable attractiveness. No doubt, men long for it. Women, on the other hand, tend to have thinner jaws that get narrower at the bottom. A prominent jawline is hence considered a major aspect of male beauty. In fact, some researchers have also concluded that women find men with strong jawline more.

Little doubt, men, who are more conscious of their looks and appearance today, do not mind getting their jawline enhanced and more defined. In the hands of an expert cosmetologist, this can be done easily. Men, who are looking to make a career in the entertainment industry are among the most prominent seekers of cosmetic procedures to enhance or augment their jawline. For models and actors, this also makes them look more photogenic.

Today, there are both surgical and non-surgical procedures available to undergo a jawline correction. This can be done through cosmetic surgery; or using Botox and fillers like Juvederm in people who would not like to go under the knife.

The anatomy of the jawline:

The chin; the middle part of the jaw and the angular area – these are the three dimensions of a jawline. A procedure to make it look more pronounced and refined has to address all three. In some people the chin may be very small or big and sagging to give the appearance of a ‘double chin’. In others the middle and later part of the jaw may be too sharp, and lacking in definition. In conjugation with each other, all the components of the jawline will be taken into account in case a corrective procedure is applied.


Surgical correction of the jawline: For people who are open to undergo a surgical procedure, the surgeon will insert implants into the required areas to produce a more pronounced result. The more symmetrical the face, the more attractive it appears. Jawlineaugmentation achieves a facial balance. In younger men, it adds to their attractiveness, while in older men, it gives a more youthful appearance. Sometimes, a jawline augmentation is also accompanied by a chin surgery to produce more positive results.

Injectables: Not all people, however, are comfortable with the idea of going under the knife. Hence experts today also use non-invasive methods to achieve the results. A combination of Botox and fillers like Juvederm can be used effectively to achieve Jawlinecorrection. When administered into the desired area, hyaluronic acid based fillers add volume to it, making it look more pronounced in people who have a thinner jaw. In others, who lack definition, the fillers can be used to provide a better shape and definition.

At the same time the loosening and sagging skin of the lower jaw and neck can be pulled up together by tightening the muscle activity of the area using Botox. This will result in a better defined jaw. Jawline, no doubt, is a prominent feature of male beauty, and men like to have a strong jawline. We are approached by a number of men who desire a better defined jawline; most of them who are looking to make a career in the entertainment or fashion industry. Others, who have experienced drooping of skin as part of ageing also desire a correction to appear more youthful.


Dr.-Simal-SoinAbout the Author

Dr. Simal Soin

Dermatiologist & Cosmo Physician

After her basic medical qualification in India, Dr. Simal Soin went to UK to train further in Dermatology and specialize in Cosmetic Dermatology. There she trained and worked for 6 years at two of the world’s most premier Dermatology centres, London’s St John’s Institute of Dermatology and Addenbrookes hospital, University of Cambridge. During her tenure at Cambridge, Dr. Simal Soin carried out original research in the “Development of warts, keratoses and skin cancer in immunosuppressed patients after solid organ transplantation”. This was a collaborative project researched at Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge and Papworth hospital which is one of Europe’s premier heart and lung transplant centres. Dr. Simal Soin was awarded a M. Phil degree for this work in 1998. During her research stint,

Dr. Simal Soin was conferred with many research awards



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