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Tuesday, June 15th, 2021

Japanese tyre manufacturer Falken Tyre India opens its first warehouse in North East India

Guwahati ,

Japanese tyre manufacturer, Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI) has opened its first warehouse in Guwahati, Assam- North East India. This is in-line with Prime Minister, Mr Modi’s focus to improve infrastructure and connectivity in North East regions.

North East region is connected by road and rail with other parts of India, through the Siliguri Corridor- a narrow stretch of land of 22 kilometres, located in West Bengal. This poses a geographical challenge, which often resulted in a transportation chokepoint that hampers distribution and productivity efficiency.

With the opening of Falken’s first warehouse in Guwahati, it will improve the connectivity between North East regions and Falken’s warehouses in rest parts of India, which will bring about significant reduction in the distribution time for Falken tyres to reach North East regions, as the tyres will be distributed directly from the Guwahati warehouse effective July 2020.

This very existence of a warehouse in Guwahati enhances Falken Tyre India’s commitment, in providing prompt and quality services to its customers and business partners, as well as improving the distribution efficiency in North East regions.

Moreover, with this warehouse in Guwahati, it will lead to increase in visibility of Falken tyres as well as diversification of Falken product range to the customers and business partners in North East regions especially in Falken Premium and Ultra High Performance tyres.

In response to the opening of its first warehouse in Guwahati, Mr. Satoru Ushida, Managing Director of Falken Tyre India Pvt Ltd. said, “The opening of our first warehouse in Guwahati reinforces our confidence and interests in North East regions. This will further instill greater confidence in our customers and in our business partners that we, at Falken Tyre India Pvt Ltd, are committed to improve our distribution efficiency by overcoming the geographical challenge in having our first warehouse in Guwahati. There exists great potentials in North East regions and with this warehouse, we can expect substantial growth and development in our customers and business partners from these regions”



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