Okinawa. North Korea is about to launch its first spy satellite this week. Earlier, Japan has ordered its army to prepare to destroy any kind of missile before falling on their land. This could be a missile, rocket or satellite of North Korea.

Japan’s minister Yasukazu Hamada has told the Self-Defense Forces that they may receive orders to shoot down the ballistic missile. Be ready to eliminate the missile in the air before it falls. For this, American missile defense system Patriot, and Aegis Destroyer will also be deployed in Okinawa, Japan.

North Korea has several times gone against the rules and launched satellites and missiles. Despite this, no one has tried to intercept his missiles. Actually, North Korea will need long-range projectiles to get the spy satellite into orbit. Which North Korea cannot use due to US sanctions. Trying to launch his satellite would be a violation of the rules.

Experts related to the case said that if Japan shoots North Korea’s satellite or missile, then the dispute between the two countries will increase further. On the other hand, if Japan’s missile system fails to intercept North Korea’s missile, then it will raise questions on Japan’s security arrangements. Along with this, the military capability of American will also come under question. North Korea will benefit from this.

At the same time, a few days ago, North Korea successfully tested the first solid fuel intercontinental missile. During its testing, an alert had to be issued in Japan. The situation was such that people were being evacuated from the northern areas of Japan. At the same time, schools were started late in Hokkaido, Japan, and the timings of some trains were also changed. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was present with his daughter, wife during this missile test.


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