Prime Minister, Narendra Modi , Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, Business luncheon hosted by Nippon Kiedanren , Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan-India Business Cooperation Committee,INVC,
Tokyo, Japan

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today announced that a special management team would be set up directly under the Prime Minister’s Office to facilitate investment proposals from Japan. In his keynote address at the luncheon hosted by Nippon Kiedanren, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Japan-India Business Cooperation Committee, he said two nominees selected by Japan would also be part of the decision-making team which evaluates business proposals.

Recalling that as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had perhaps the greatest connect with Japanese business, the Prime Minister said he recognized the importance of good governance, ease of business and simplification of policies. He assured Japanese businessmen and investors of policy-driven decisions to eliminate delays.

Highlighting the initiatives of the first 100 days of his Government, he said moves to ease FDI rules have been widely appreciated. He said the GDP growth of 5.7% in the first quarter of 2014-15 has generated a huge positive sentiment. He said the clear mandates received by the Governments of both India and Japan, and the political stability they had generated, would deliver a strong push to bilateral ties.

The Prime Minister said he wants India to follow the Japanese model for skill development, so that its demographic dividend can meet the global requirement of skilled manpower. He said he had initiated a move to introduce the Japanese principles of management in the PMO as well.

Exhorting Japanese business to invest in India, the Prime Minister said India-Japan relations go much further than just commerce. He noted that the 21st century will be Asia’s century, but wondered how it would look like? He said that for meeting the aspirations of people in this century, India and Japan have a big role to play.

Outlining the approaches for Development (Vikaswaad) vs Expansionism (Vistarwaad), he said India and Japan must show the way of Buddha to the world, and act as a force for development.

Saying that the Who’s Who of India’s business had come to Japan with him, the Prime Minister said they were his partners in taking India forward. Now, he said, India and Japan should be partners, for Asia and the world.


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