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JAMAICA SPELLS LUXURY- An Island ParadiseMammohan Khanna INVC, Chandigarh,

1st April 2013: The beautiful beaches, perfect gold sun, sea washing your private shore and the beat of the drums with rum flowing like water is the perfect getaway to de-stress you. Immerse yourself in the island of dreams packed with so many wonderful sights - lush plains, gushing waterfalls, bubbly springs, sunny beaches, colonial towns, neon-lit nightlife and a host of events and festivals.The birthplace of Bob Marley and James Bond, today draws a connect with crème de la crème and the who’s who of the world for the glitz, glamour  and the ritzy appeal that the destination stands to offer. Jamaica offers an exciting choice of activities for all ages and groups – swimming at dolphin cove, climbing the Dunn’s River falls, blue mountain bicycle tour, exhilarating equestrian activities, golfing, shopping and night life, naming just a few. Jamaica is also the land of Rum, Reggae and Blue Mountain Coffee and the best souvenirs you can get for your loved ones back home is Appleton Rum, Blue Mountain Coffee and lots of Bob Marley goodies.One can choose from an array of accommodation ranging from budgeted hotels to 3-5 star hotels to luxurious villas. Popular for its sprawling all inclusive luxury resorts visitors in Jamaica can choose from family-oriented to couples / adult only resorts. Visitors can experience utmost luxury with Jamaican Villa Vacations. Jamaica was the first to offer Caribbean villa vacations before any island. The idea was, instead of staying in a hotel, why not rent a private villa which might belong to the legendary playwright Noel Coward or James Bond famed Ian Fleming and therefore make your vacation memorable. Budget-friendly or luxurious, the resorts offer a great glimpse of reminiscence of the past and Jamaican life.Experience a royal vacation in the heart of paradise; being spoiled by a friendly staff and let your whims govern. Privately owned villas and apartments for rent offer a getaway from the typical holiday experience with added flexibility, privacy and convenience. Hotels and resorts like Half Moon and Golden Eye are the epitome of luxury.Jamaica’s vast array of accommodations provide an idyllic setting for families looking to plan their perfect summer getaway full of fun, sun, and family-bonding in a uniquely Jamaican way. All-inclusive resorts offer the ultimate in entertainment, adventure and luxury, while private villas offer families the added benefit of true seclusion and relaxation.



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