Jaishankar’s Bold Stand: Terrorism Unacceptable Under Any Circumstances


Pune : While talking to the youth at a program organized in Pune, Jaishankar bluntly said that terrorism will not be accepted under any circumstances. Answering the question on the change in the country’s foreign policy, Jaishankar said that my answer is…yes, there is 50 percent continuity and 50 percent change. He said that after the Mumbai attacks, there would not be a single person who did not feel that we should not respond.

During this, he said that there has been a change in India’s foreign policy since 2014 and this is the way to deal with terrorism. He said that Pakistan is India’s neighboring country, only we are responsible for it.

In his address, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said that in 1947, Pakistan attacked Kashmir and the Indian Army fought them bravely and the state was unified. He said that when the Indian Army was taking its action, we stopped and went to the United Nations. Earlier the policies regarding terrorism were completely different.

Speaking on terrorism, Jaishankar said that terrorists should not feel that they are across the border, hence no one can touch them. Let me tell you that terrorists do not play by any rules, therefore we believe that there cannot be any rules to respond to terrorists.

On the question of how Lord Hanuman can be seen as a diplomat, the Foreign Minister said that an ideal diplomat first presents the side of his master and the country. During this period the environment is sometimes favorable and sometimes negative. How to present one’s position in other countries during pressure is the most important point of diplomacy. In Ramayana, Lord Bajrangbali had gone to Lanka, where he strongly supported Lord Rama even in challenging circumstances.


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