Anil Jain-Managing Director and Surinder Makhija-VP of Jain Irrigation accepting the Porter Prize 2015 at a special ceremony at New DelhiINVC NEWS

  • Company awarded for their contribution towards development of farmers

Jain Irrigation was honoured with the Porter Prize 2015 for Creating Shared Value at a ceremony at The Leela, Gurgaon.  Named after the world renowned marketing guru and father of modern strategy, Michael Porter, this prestigious award was received by Managing Director of Jain Irrigation, Mr. Anil Jain.  The Porter Prize recognizes Corporates that have created shared value while doing their respective businesses and have adopted value addition, research and development, innovation and sustainable policy.

Jain Irrigation have utilised their business practices and values to build a global and valuable name for themselves. They have harnessed research and technology to save water and have made this technology available to farmers to help them progress. This technology has paved the way for the financial development of farmers and this shared value creation impressed the selection committee.

Jain Irrigation has made this high-level technology available to 5 million small farmers, enabling them to benefit financially and thus, lead a better life. The Porter Prize has been awarded for their contribution in bringing about positive development and progress for farmers across India.


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