Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Ivory,Wyith announces association for bringing Wesleyan doctorate and management programs


New Delhi , Wesleyan is one of the top-ranked universities in the Philippines to be granted full autonomous status. There are well over 2,100 higher educational institutions in the Philippines (over 1,500 private and 600 public) and only 59 of them (as of 2016) have been awarded autonomous status from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) –Wesleyan University Philippines is one of them.At the same time is like a boon for professionals and students in order to have quality education and growth in their career. Wesleyan programs are also available internationally through Wyith Institute in Hong Kong. Wyith Institute has been bridging the needs of the busy working professionals and provides quality and viable learning opportunities to diligent learners aspiring to serve their people with their knowledge and dedicated researchers in lack of resources but determined to contribute to their communities by sharing their findings. India is the knowledge capital of the world and its higher education system is the third largest in the world.Universities in India have evolved in divergent streams with each stream monitored by an apex body, indirectly controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and funded jointly by the state governments. The following are some of the areas where Indian Education System stands out:- growth of technical institutions, theoretical knowledge base, focus of moral and values, focus on fine arts and culture and emphasis on GK. With Wesleyan University programs, Indian students will be able to do doctorate programs with minimal travel and time commitment. This would be more appropriate for working professionals to enhance their management skills.Very few universities have doctorate sin education and Wesleyan is one of them. It has linkages to International Associations,Foreign Schools,National Associations,Philippine Schools and Local Government Offices. Wesleyan University-Philippines is also a sister university with 11 other Wesleyan universities in the USA, all founded by the United Methodist Church (USA). Dakota Wesleyan University (1885), Iowa Wesleyan College (1843), Kansas Wesleyan University (1866), Kentucky Wesleyan College (1850), Nebraska Wesleyan University (1887), North Carolina Wesleyan College (1956), Ohio Wesleyan University (1842),Tennessee Wesleyan College (1857), Texas Wesleyan University (1890), Virginia Wesleyan University (1966),and West Virginia Wesleyan College (1890). Programs offered by Wesleyan University are MBA (Masters of Business Administration), PhD in Business Administration and EdD in Educational Management. First batch will start in January 2019. Students can apply for the program and get the course information from the website:- Ivory education will be responsible for giving seamless experience to Indians and working professionals to do Wesleyan programs. Wyith and Ivory has also announced a partnership to bring Wesleyan programs in to India. It is the leading companies in education, have management with a track record of working with IIT Delhi, IIM Calcutta, MICA and other institutions. Dean of Graduate School Dr Michael P. Fronda, Wesleyan University-Philippines says, “At Wesleyan, you will broaden your horizons, experience leadership opportunities, establish lifelong friendships, gain real-world learning and, of course, have meaningful graduate courses”. Kapil Rampal, Managing Director, Ivory Education Private Limited, says “We have worked with Wesleyan to develop the program. The participants can get the knowledge and expertise to enhance their management skills.” This Program is especially designed for Indian students and working professionals even those who have done PG Diploma are allowed to join PhD programs directly.



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