ITC Classmate Launches ‘Pulse 3D Notebooks’ for the Youth



New Delhi,  

Classmate, India’s largest Notebook brand, today announced the launch of its latest innovation—The Classmate Pulse 3D Notebook.The Notebook comes with a category first innovation — to provide an immersive experience through a 3-dimensional cover, enabled through a lenticular board. The 3D notebook from Classmate Pulse, offers a range of designs, each selected to provide an interactive experience for the consumer.The Classmate Pulse 3D Notebook marks ITC Classmate’s commitment towards constantly enhancing user engagement with product experience, learning, and interactivity. In reaching out specifically to the very socially alive youth, the highly innovative Notebook is more than a study aide, it is a potent ‘statement making’ device.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Shailendra Tyagi, Chief Executive, Education and Stationary Products Business Division, ITC Ltd., said, “ITC Classmate has at its core the driving commitment to ensure consumer delight with its high-quality, innovative and visually appealing products. We also pride ourselves in our ability to appreciate the fact that today’s young generation is unique in several ways – it is technologically savvy, environmentally aware, confident and creative. The notebooks from Classmate Pulse are designed to complement the energy and exuberance of this generation  and this  new range of 3D notebooks from Classmate Pulse will continue to do the same.”

A segment of consumers that is critical to Classmate is the Youth. This is a group of people who are creative , confident and passionate. They use a wide range of accessories to reflect their personal identity. It is for this segment that Classmate Pulse was introduced. Classmate introduced Classmate Pulse notebooks which are a range of spiral notebooks. Spiral notebooks are a format that is widely prevalent globally. It allows for convenience while writing and is also durable. The brand, offers multi subject notebooks that is a growing trend amongst college going students. Classmate pulse notebooks are also made from a highly durable poly propylene cover, as opposed to the typical board. This ensures that the notebook remains intact through the typical wear and tear that a college notebook is subjected to. Students can roll it or fold it  and the Polypropylene cover will protect the integrity of the notebook. Classmate pulse notebooks offer a wide range of designs that are inspired by Boho prints  to graffiti art. Each design showcases rich art and textures in vivid palettes. These are notebook designs with the singular objective of being vibrant and colourful.

Innovation has been central to Classmate Pulse and this has been demonstrated previously through

a.       Classmate Pulse interchangeable notebooks- The user can repeatedly change the covers of the notebook in this innovation from Classmate pulse. Everyday one can have a different cover.

b.      Classmate Pulse Selfie notebooks- The notebooks allows the user to personalize the notebooks with a selfie on the cover of the notebook

Classmate, India’s largest notebook brand for nearly a decade, has a consumer spend of nearly Rs.1500 crore. Classmate notebooks are made from eco-friendly paper and is elemental chlorine free. The paper used in Classmate notebooks is sourced internally from ITC’s Paperboards and Speacialty Papers DIvision, thus ensuring consistency in quality as well as appearance.

The innovative excellence manifest in the Pulse Notebooks is a key direction which lies at the heart of everything ITC does. Classmate has driven innovation through multiple categories such as Neon and wooden pens from Classmate Octane, Asteroid geometry boxes etc. Each of these have set standards for new developments in their respective categories.

Classmate Pulse 3D Notebooks are available at all leading stationery outlets and on Amazon and Big Basket.


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