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Saturday, December 4th, 2021

It is time we should celebrate our Indian heroes and not look at the West


One of India’s most popular authors, Amish launched the cover of his new book, ‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’, at Title Waves, Bandra. Gracing the event was millennial heartthrob Varun Dhawan who through his varied work in Hindi cinema have won the hearts of millions of people.

‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’, traces the story of Raja Suheldev, a legendary but forgotten hero and an unforgettable battle which kept the Turks at bay for almost 170 years. The book, assisted by Vikas Singh, is the first book with which Amish has introduced Writer's Center in India and will be published under Amish’s brand new series titled ‘Indic Chronicles’.

While speaking at the event Varun went on to discuss how excited he would be to feature in an adaptation Amish’s books. “When you read the book and when you see the landscape of how he describes the world, your imaginations just run wild. Then I thought when a movie can be made out of this. Can I be a part of it or will I be very short for it? I was very fascinated with the back drop of the book. It tells the story of a hero.”

Hearing Amish’s thoughts on how the author is trying to revive the legends of our forgotten heroes, the actor said, “It's the time when we should celebrate our Indian heroes and not look at the West to look up to heroes. I want to say is that around 20-25% of the population is made up of tribes and castes and that's not really been represented in books or our literature as much or in films for that matter. Amish is doing a great job by actually representing it. He is doing a better job than politicians by writing about a hero.”

To this an excited Amish said, “With Indic Chronicles I want to explore unexplored heroes who are forgotten in history. There are so many heroes who have been airbrushed in our textbooks and it is time we learn about the rich culture of our motherland.”

When asked whose biography the actor would like to play on screen someday, Varun says, “You know honestly when someone offers me to do a biography, I get scared. I don't want to do it most of the times because I feel all the fictional characters I am playing are like biographies but only to me. I think if I had to do a biography on someone, it would be on my father's life. Sometime in the future I would like to enact his young and old days. Probably till the time he had me.”

‘Suheldev and The Battle of Bahraich’ will be published by Westland (An Amazon Company) and will release on 23 July 2018 across online and offline bookstores.

About the book : A Forgotten Hero. An Unforgettable Battle. India, 1025 AD.

Repeated attacks by Mahmud of Ghazni and his barbaric Turkic hordes have weakened India’s northern regions. The invaders lay waste to vast swathes of India — plundering, killing, raping, pillaging. Many of the old Indian kingdoms, tired and divided, fall to them. Even those who battle on are shackled by old codes of chivalry, and are unable to stop an enemy who won’t play by the rules. Then the Turks raid and destroy one of the holiest temples in the land: the magnificent Lord Shiva temple at Somnath.

At this most desperate time, a warrior rises to defend the nation. Suheldev.

The prince of a small kingdom, who sees what must be done for his motherland, and is willing to sacrifice his all for it.

A fierce rebel. A charismatic leader. An inclusive patriot.

This is the compelling story of that lionhearted warrior and the magnificent Battle of Bahraich.

In this, the first of the Indic Chronicles, Amish weaves a powerful tale of courage, heroism and patriotism. Read this blockbuster adventure, based on true events, that recounts the journey of a true Indian hero, one who deserves to be remembered and celebrated by history.

About Westland: Founded in 1962, Westland is one of the largest English-language trade publishers in India. Westland’s bestselling authors include Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Devdutt Pattanaik, Ashok Banker, Rujuta Diwekar, Rashmi Bansal, Savi Sharma, Anita and Harsha Bhogle, and Preeti Shenoy, among others. It has recently launched a new imprint 'Context', which publishes literary fiction and non-fiction by some of the finest Indian writers, graphic novelists and chroniclers of our times. Westland publishes print books, e-books as well as short reads in genres ranging from popular and literary fiction to business, politics, biography, spirituality, health and cookery. Westland was acquired by Amazon in 2017. Westland brings Amazon Publishing's bestselling international books to the Indian market available in over 1000 outlets.




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