It is important to reprogram the mind to get desired result


–  A.K Mishra  –

This world has been created by the people who dared to dream and believe in possibilities. All inventions, discoveries and achievements in human civilizations are results of believers and strivers. The Creator created the hardware but delegated the responsibilities of developing software to human beings. Hence every human being is born to succeed and grow to no limit. This is because success of every human being is the success of the Creator Himself. Success is the basic inherent principle of Nature. Whatever good or bad you believe in and you try for you will succeed in. However, it is very important to reprogramme your mind for achieving best results

Every human being is a unique with unlimited capabilities. There is a purpose behind everyone to be born on earth. In this regard I would like to quote the famous statement given by Max Lucado who says: “You were not an accident, you were not mass produced, you were not an assembly line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted and lovingly positioned on earth by master craftsman. “In other words it is not that mass production is going on in an industry like Tata Steel Plant and a human is created as one of the mass, it’s also not that there is a single dye used to replicate production of human beings as in the case of production of mobile sets by a company.

There is no accidental production of anyone. In fact each one is a deliberate creation of God with some certain purposes and therefore everyone is gifted with some specific qualities and is born to certain parents and to certain environment and place. Thus wherever you are born is not a advantage or disadvantage till the time you realize its importance and take it as a scheme of God. Take example of the great men of the human civilization, more than 80% of them were born in unprivileged conditions and to unknown and unprivileged parents. To pick up a few examples , Mahatma Gandhi , Abraham Lincon , our former President Abdul Kalam, Einstein , Thomas Edison , Bill Gates , Dheerubhai Ambani  all were from very humble socio- economic background. In fact, their humble backgrounds were the nurturing grounds for their excellence in later part of their lives.

Thus the story of success for anyone begins with trust on himself/ herself  that he/ she is the ultimate creation of God  and is born to succeed and remain happy for fulfilling the basic objectives of his/birth. No one is born as great or small. To every parent their new born child looks as the ultimate child on the earth, and perhaps the most intelligent and most good looking one also. But very soon things become different. The child starts getting compared with others and social conditioning of the child begins. Then he/she does not remain what unlimited potential he/she was born with. In fact he /she starts getting personality as conditioned by the social environment he/she gets. Growing with age his / her original potential or individuality becomes dormant and social conditioning termed as personality becomes the reality. Consequently what he /she can do or cannot do is not result of his/her original potential but of his /her belief system as conditioned by the environment. As a grown up person the first and the foremost duty for you is to spend some peaceful time to develop your consciousness towards yourself. If you have desire to accomplish something in your life but fear and doubt comes on the way, you must understand that some wrong conditioning has happened in your mind towards your goal. Therefore, before moving ahead with your efforts you must try to come out of that wrong conditioning and reprogram your mind with realisation of your actual potential and strong belief system.

The real thrill is not in doing something that you find easy but in doing something that seems difficult. It does not take more time to follow a bigger dream than a smaller one. Therefore you should never hesitate on creating a dream as big as you can.

Goal setting is very crucial in human life. Without a clear goal life is worthless. We are different from other animals because we can dream and we can follow our dreams. But these dreams are meaningless till the time they becomes objectives of our life. As former President of India Shri Abul Kalam says ,” dream is not one that you see while sleeping but that you see when you are awake and that does not allow you to sleep .”   This kind of dream only can become goal. However in relation to your goal you must ask to yourself following questions seriously and contemplate on them.

What do you want? When do you want it? Why do you want it? And how will get it?
It is a very crucial to be very specific about what do you want. For example when you make a choice for a career you need be very specific what you want to be. If you want to be a civil servant, must be specific about what service like IAS, IFS or IPS you want to be in. Your mind will work better and your energy will be more channelized when you are specific about your goal.

This clarity of choice must be supported by time line. Thus when do you want to be an IAS needs a specification of time, for example in year 2013 or 2014/2015/2916. You cannot get result from you till the time you become specific about a deadline. These above two questions – What and When must be supported by clear answer for Why. The answer for Why will give you strong motivation and enthusiasm for your efforts. This makes you clear about choice of goal and keeps you connected with the tastes and glories of your goal. For example if someone motivates you to climb mountain for 5 km  without giving answer for Why , you will not be able to go even for a few meters. On the other hand if you have a reasons, tastes and attractions connected to your mountain climbing you will forget all difficulties on the way and reach the top of target mountain height with all enthusiasm and spirit.

Then finally comes the question How? This is the technique of achieving your goal that you may call Art of success. This is where you have to assess your existing potential and upgrade it to the desired level. You have to sharpen your skills in order to match with the expectations of your goal.


About the Author

AK Mishra

Author & Educationist

A K Mishra, Director  Chanakya IAS Academy.

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