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Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

It is essential to empower women

INVC NEWS New Delhi,

FICCI  Ladies Organisation (FLO), the women business wing of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) here  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Women Development Cell (WDC) of Shivaji College, University of Delhi to work jointly towards empowerment of young girl students  and promote culture of entrepreneurship among them.

The MoU was signed in presence of Ms Pinky Reddy, President, FLO and Dr. Shashi Nijhawan, Principal, Shivaji College, Delhi University.

“The primary objective of the MoU is to empower women and youth, which plays a crucial role in the development of the society at large. It is essential to empower women and youth to build strong economies and establish more stable and just societies. FLO & WDC will work towards this goal by inculcating sensitivity and awareness about gender equality and help them understand the importance of empowering women to be an active partner in the economic growth of any society.” Said Ms Pinky Reddy , President, FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO).

“With signing of MoU and joining hands with WDC  Shivaji College, FLO plans  to target the youth and make them an integral part of this process of gender sensitising and go beyond just empowering women and work towards strengthening communities to focus on the creation of systemic and sustainable change,” Ms Reddy added.

“It is also important to create a roadmap to reduce unemployment, particularly amongst youth, by encouraging and facilitating the culture of entrepreneurship, particularly amongst youngsters. We would definitely work towards promotion of competition, entrepreneurship and innovation by means of talks, movies, workshops and interactive sessions. We would also connect the girl students with   SWAYAM, a support cell for women Entrepreneurs, a pan India initiative by FLO to provide support to new and existing women entrepreneurs as also aspiring student entrepreneurs, in establishing a new business and enhancing existing ones.” She said.

Dr. Shashi Nijhawan, Principal, Shivaji College said, “ The Women’s Development Cell at Shivaji College a vibrant and incessantly active collaboration of students and teachers, who work the entire year to create a more inclusive, tolerant and gender sensitized community within campus as well as in society in general. The Women’s Development Cell, the college makes an effort to create awareness and sensitise students who fall within the age groups of 18-22 years towards gender disparity and the need to correct these inequalities at an early age. Signing of MOU with FLO will further help empowering and inculcating culture of  entrepreneurship  among young women  from the college”

She added, “The College also identifies several people who work at grassroots level to reduce gender disparity and whose work is seldom recognised or celebrated. A few such people are identified annually and felicitated with the Jijabai awards, as a salutation to their work  FLO and Shivaji College aim to work in a synergised manner and address issues of gender equality and opportunity with greater rigour.”




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