50% of job postings on JobsForHer Platform are from

New Delhi ,

The IT industry needs more people in tech and the demand will continue to grow with the evolution of digital space. And it’s tough to fill this gap until and unless we have equal participation of women in the tech industry.

Recently, it is seen that more tech companies are opening roles for women in tech. JobsForHer, India’s largest platform to accelerate women’s careers recorded that almost 50% of the job postings on the platform are from the IT industry. The industry in most demand to hire women professionals hands down is the IT industry. At the same time registration from women in tech has also gone up by 21% in 2021.

Tech upskilling in new technologies is an important aspect for IT professionals. It is seen that upskilling and reskilling employees in new technologies is necessary for improving their productivity.

The HerTech Academy is an initiative sponsored by JobsForHer Foundation, in association with its partners’ Aptech, BYTE Academy and Simplilearn where they bring industry-relevant tech courses on a 100% Scholarship that will help women in tech build their career in the most in-demand skills today.

101 women receive 100% scholarships through the HerTech Academy. Started in January 2021, more than 300 women have benefited from these scholarships in the duration of January to March.


“Apart from imparting technical skills, technology programs bring about greater perseverance and dynamism, fortify techniques to handle failure and enhance critical thinking and initiative taking amongst women, thereby enabling them to compete for new age careers of 21st-century which were hitherto unavailable to them.” – Ravi Gopalakrishnan, Country Head, Byte Academy, India.


Java Certification and Python Training followed by AWS are the most in-demand courses among women looking for upskilling opportunities, reveals the JobsForHer survey. The courses are designed for freshers, professionals, returnees, or any woman from a technology background who wishes to rise in her career.


“The shift towards digital and taking a tech-driven approach, especially in the past two years is profound. In this fast-paced environment where it is essential to constantly stay abreast with technology and digital skills, relevant upskilling will open bigger and better career opportunities for women, especially if they have been on a career break. In a recent survey we conducted 63% of women said upskilling was a key next step in their career growth and further, 38% of female learners said they used the pandemic disruption to learn new skills. We are happy to collaborate with Jobs for Her for the second time in a row for such a noble initiative. Online upskilling programs, being location agnostic, provide wider upskilling options for women and are more accessible than traditional training programs. Additionally, learning platforms provide easy access to industry experts and practical, curated content making upskilling easier than ever before.” – Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO, Simplilearn.


Speaking on the recent development, Ms. Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer said, “The world needs more women in technology today than ever before. Owing to the pandemic, organisations across the world are digitizing their operations, making technology an integral part of their day-to-day functions. To keep up with this change, increasing tech competency amongst employees is necessary and we want to ensure women are ahead of that curve”


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