Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

It as the victory of the policies of Congress party and vision of its President Mrs Sonia Gandhi : Bhupinder Singh Hooda

INVC,, Haryana,, Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda has hailed the historic victory of Congress and its allies in Assam, Kerala and West Bengal assembly elections. He described it as the victory of the policies of Congress party and vision of its President Mrs Sonia Gandhi.In a statement issued here today, Mr Hooda said that the people from different corners of the country have put their stamp of approval for the policies and programmes of Congress as they have endorsed it. He said that UPA Chairperson, Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh have led the country out of the global economic slowdown. The country not only marched ahead in all spheres of development, the government has also launched and implemented a number of landmark people-friendly initiatives and programmes like Right to Education, Loan Waiver, Bharat Nirman Programme, MNREGA scheme. The various schemes launched by the UPA government have improved the lifestyle of the common people. Mr Hooda said that the people of Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu have shown the opposition parties, especially the main opposition party BJP its true place as it could not reach two-digit seats of the 824 assembly segments for which votes were polled. He thanked the people for defeating the communal forces and reposing faith in the Congress party. Mr Hooda said that the election results have once again proved that the Congress party is the only national party, which is popular among all sections and regions of the country. He said that the people have reposed full faith and confidence in the leadership and programmes of Congress President, Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee President, Mr Phool Chand Mullana has also hailed the Congress victory as the victory of people’s urge for the development and communal harmony. Haryana Finance Minister, Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav also thanked the people for reposing their faith in policies of the Congress Party and credited this success to the policies and programmes of AICC President Mrs Sonia Gandhi.



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