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Various newspapers in Ahmadabad today have carried statement of Shri R B Sreekumar, former DGP of Gujarat. According to news reports Shri Kumar has alleged that BJP has misrepresented facts in the 19 years old ISRO-Spy case. BJP wants to clarify that Sreekumar was charge sheeted in ISRO espionage case on 17-11-1999 when the NDA Government was in power. Hence statement of  Sreekumar that he was charge sheeted by UPA Government, is totally false and misleading. The whole purpose for exonerating Sreekumar was to make him depose against Mr. Narendra Modi in the riots of 2002. Prior to 2005, affidavits filed by Sreekumar before the Nanavati Commission did not implicate Mr Modi in the riots. After his exoneration in January, 2005 by UPA, Sreekumar filed several affidavits before the Nanavati Commission belatedly blaming Mr Modi for the riot and also repeating in the media.  It is a classical example where the UPA Government, to fix Gujarat Government in false cases, took the services of a police officer who was involved in fabricating false case against highly respected scientist of India and worked at the  behest of entities inimical to the success of our satellite programmes in India.   It is to be noted that no court, commission of inquiry or tribunal has accepted to this day, any of Sreekumar’s charges against Mr. Modi.  Sreekumar wanted to intervene and be heard in the Zakia Jafri case being monitored by the Hon’ble SC, but the SC refused to hear him. It is very clear from the YouTube’s audio link (, after 9.40 min. of taped conversation; Sreekumar has admitted that he was helped by Teesta when he was superseded and charge sheeted. The BJP strongly condemns the action of the UPA government in exonerating Sreekumar of the gravest charge of fabricating an espionage case against a most reputed Indian Scientist who prefers to indigenous cryogenic technology was sought to be sabotaged by foreign powers with vested interests. The sole aim of exoneration being to induce this corrupt police officer to give false evidence and to ruin the reputation of a sitting CM. Dr Nambi Narayan, in a recent interview to a reputed news channel, has already called Sreekumar, a CIA agent.  In other words the Congress party has proved again that to serve its political ends it is willing to compromise national interest and use the services of traitors to the nation for its political purposes. Strict action needs to be taken against the likes of R. B. Sreekumar and a complete rehabilitation package with honour needs to be given to Dr Nambi Narayan by the grateful nation for his contribution.
(Scanned copy of Chargesheet dated 17.11.1999 & exoneration order dated 24.01.2005 attached.)


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