Iran Threatens Israel: Drone Incidents in Isfahan Heighten Middle East Tensions


Tehran : Iran’s Foreign Minister threatened Israel and said, ‘If Israel again makes any mistake or does something which is not in the interest of Iran, we will give a befitting reply.’ There is no information about any attack on any strategic target of Iran on Friday nor has Iran suffered any loss. No statement has been given yet by Israel. America has also denied involvement in any attack.

Let us tell you that on Friday, the news of the attack in Isfahan city of Iran was prevalent in the media. Now Iran’s Foreign Minister Hussein Amiradollahian has issued a statement regarding this. He told that ‘some drones were flown from inside Iran, which were shot down only after flying a few meters.’ Amiradollahian said, ‘Those drones were like children’s toys, with which our children play.’

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that ‘it has not yet been proven that Israel was behind this attack. The matter is currently under investigation, but what is being said in the media reports is not correct. The sound of explosions was heard in Iran on Friday. Iranian officials say that the air defense system had targeted three drones, due to which the sound of the explosion was heard. Iranian officials say that some militants may have flown these drones.


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