Iran raised the question of loyalty of its friends – Iran has doubts on Russia and Syria


Tehran : The  Iran has questioned the role of its two friends in the Israeli attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, Syria. There is suspicion among the Iranian general public of possible involvement of Russia and Syria in providing intelligence to Israel for the attack on IRGC officials in Damascus. In fact, this speculation comes amid calls for a quick and decisive response to the Israeli attack targeting the Iranian Consulate in Damascus on 1 April 2024 .

However, Iranian officials and military commanders have again said that it will definitely respond to this attack. According to the report, several Arab media outlets claim that Iran may abandon talks of retaliating against Israel if Israel backs off from attacking Rafah in its conflict with Hamas. An Iranian newspaper editorial asked why Russia, which controls Syrian airspace, does not stop airstrikes on Iranian targets. Questions have been raised on Syria saying that Iran has suffered a lot in Syria during the last months and this is definitely due to the treason committed by Syrian infiltrators.

It is mentioned in the newspaper that Hezbollah has acknowledged the contacts of its members killed in Israeli air strikes since October 7 with Russian and Syrian intelligence. Also, such reports have also been shared on social media which say that Syrian officials want Iran to leave Syria. The editorial stressed that Iran’s intelligence and security capabilities should be strengthened and more attention should be paid to prevent such tragic losses in the future.


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