Iran-Israel Tensions Escalate: Explosions Rock Iran-Backed Bases in Iraq


Tehran : Tension is increasing between Iran and Israel. Both countries are continuously attacking each other. Meanwhile, five blasts took place at Iran-backed military bases in Iraq on Saturday. Many people got injured in this. However, the reasons for the blasts have not been known yet. According to Muhannad al-Anaji, a member of the security committee in the Babylon governorate, south of Baghdad, the explosions occurred at a site specifically belonging to the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). The blasts at the Kalsu military base in al-Mashrou district on the highway north of Babylon governorate are under investigation.

Iran suspects that this blast is a conspiracy somewhere by Israel. However, Israeli and US officials have vehemently denied these allegations. According to a media report, the PMU is an Iraqi paramilitary group mostly supported by Shia Iran. The PMU is affiliated with the local administration and has strong ties to Shi’ites in Iran that have long dominated Iraqi politics. Let us tell you, these blasts happened at such a time

When Israel is fighting Hamas in Gaza in response to the October 7 attack. It is said that Iran had a hand somewhere behind the attack on Israel. A series of attacks this month between Israel and Iran have exposed the secret war going on. Iran’s embassy in Damascus was attacked. Seven people, including two top commanders of Iran’s army, were killed in this attack. Iran had accused Israel of this attack.

Iran had warned that if Israel attacked them they would hit back with more force. After this, Iran had recently attacked Israel with more than 300 missiles and drones. However, these missiles and drones could not penetrate Israel’s air defense. At the same time, recently Israel retaliated.


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