iPhone maker Apple is increasing its focus on India. With this, it can provide three lakh jobs in India by the financial year 2026. About one-third of these jobs will be direct, while two lakh will be indirect. It is expected to generate 1.20 lakh jobs in FY2024.

There can be 80,000 indirect and 40,000 direct jobs in this. According to the information, most of the jobs will be found in the construction sector. After this, some jobs will also be created in the retail sector. Karthik Narayan, CEO-Staffing, TeamLease Services, said, “We are already seeing an uptick in construction jobs from Apple’s contractors.

The way the company is planning additional plants, factories, an additional 1 lakh direct jobs will be created in the next 36 months. The company is planning to focus on retail stores in India.

There will be one in Mumbai and one in Delhi. After that, franchised stores will also be opened in some cities. In this case, at least 100-150 jobs will be created per retail store. The number could go up to 700-800 for flagship stores, which would be mostly concentrated in tier-1 cities. ?


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